Recipe Fresh From the Garden 2014

It’s late summer and everyone who’s enjoying their gardens and hopefully the fruits of their labor should really enjoy this really simple and can’t mess up recipe using fresh cucumbers and dill from the garden.

Cucumber Chip Dip

Fresh Cucumbers (I use small pickling cucumbers) – Approximately two cups. You can’t mess it up. Peel off the big bumps and keep some of the green peel. Remove big seeds. Retain as many small seeds as possible. Chop fine.

1 8 oz. Cream Cheese Room Temperature
1/2 cup Mayo
1/2 cup Sour Cream
3 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tsp salt
Pepper to taste

Mix ingredients in a Kitchen Aid mixer or food processor until really smooth then add cucumbers. Refrigerate. Serve with Chips with Ridges or crackers.

** I add 1 tsp Dill for an extra fresh flavor.