Natural Homemade Sunscreen

Homemade natural sunscreen with beneficial oils, zinc oxide and beeswax for water protection.


1/2 cup almond or olive oil
1/4 cup coconut oil (natural SPF 4)
1/4 cup beeswax
2 Tablespoons Zinc Oxide (This is a non-nano version that won’t be absorbed into the skin – be careful not to inhale the powder).
Optional: up to 1 teaspoon Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Optional: up to 1 teaspoon Carrot Seed Oil
Optional: up to 1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
Optional: 2 Tablespoons Shea butter (natural SPF 4-5)
Optional: Essential Oils, Vanilla Extract or other natural extract to suit your preference).


1. combine ingredients except zinc oxide in a (pint sized) or larger glass jar. I have a mason jar that I keep just for making lotions and lotion bars, or you can even reuse a glass jar from pickles, olives, or other foods.

2. Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water and place over medium heat.

3. Put a lid on the jar loosely and place in the pan with the water.

4. As the water heats, the ingredients in the jar will start to melt. Shake or stir occasionally to incorporate. When all ingredients are completely melted, add the zinc oxide, stir in well and pour into whatever jar or tin you will use for storage. Small mason jars (pint size) are great for this. It will not pump well in a lotion pump!

5. Stir a few times as it cools to make sure zinc oxide is incorporated.

6. Use as you would regular sunscreen. Best if used within 6 months.


Simple and Naturally Scented Fabric Softener


2 cups Epsom Salt or Course Sea Salt
20-30 drops of your favorite essential oils (I like Lemon)
1/2 cup baking soda
glass mason jar (quart)


Mix together 2 cups Epsom salt and 20-30 drops of your essential oil (Lemon for its bright, refreshing scent)
Stir in essential oil mixing in 1/2 cup baking soda
After mixing pour into glass mason jar with a tightly fitted lid and label
Use 2-3 tablespoons and toss in with your clothes before rinsing

Recipe can be doubled if you like.

How to Hide Crack in a Windshield

A cracked windshield may cause glares that can adversely affect your driving. Windshield cracks not only make your vehicle look bad, but they can spread and lead to larger cracks and eventually complete windshield replacement. You can easily repair your cracked windshield at home with a few supplies.

Things You’ll Need:

Bug Repellent
Rubbing Alcohol
Mixing bowl
Stirring stick


1. Pour 1/4 cup of water in the mixing bowl. Then add a 1/2 teaspoon each of salt, bug repellent and rubbing alcohol. Stir the contents of the bowl until the salt is dissolved.

2. Dip the rag in the solution and rub it into the crack. Keep dipping the rag in the solution and rubbing it into the crack until all the solution is gone.

3. Allow the windshield to dry for several hours. The rubbing alcohol and bug spray chemically react together to soften the plastic cover originally manufactured over the glass windshield. The salt then acts as a filler in the rubbing alcohol and bug spray mix. Once dried it looks like there was never a crack in the window.